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What is 1337X

1337X which was founded in 2007 experienced an increase in popularity in 2016 after the closing of KickassTorrents. 1337X also introduces a website redesign with new functionality. This site has even been banned by Google search requests and will not appear when searching through Google searches. In 2015, this action was taken after a request from Feelgood Entertainment. As a result, the 1337X site was changed from the old .pl domain to .to to avoid blocking. 1337X.to has now enjoyed a big surge in recent weeks, mainly due to the death of Kickass Torrents. However, due to the Google homepage ban, the site is not easy to find. This site has been around for years and is usually known for its lively community.

What is 1337X

After experiencing a rebellion in December in the event of 2015, it had to deal with a big jump after KickassTorrent was closed by the United States Government. Some users enter through Torrentz and begin to disappear quickly when the meta-torrent search engine stops in August. Usually the homepage lists a variety of popular torrents, so Google has no choice but to delete the URL when Feelgood Entertainment reported it last year. This site will as soon as possible outline a forum for new users, to emulate the sense of community of some of its competitors and encourage more registrations, which will remain optional and do not require access to content.

Absence of KickassTorrent

With the closing of KickassTorrent, torrent users are now looking for alternatives such as ExtraTorrent, RARBG, 1337X, Torrent Downloads and Pirate Bay. However, there have been claims that have arisen about that Pirate Bay is ready for all competitions and ensure that KickassTorrent or commonly called KAT, Torrentz, Torrent Hound will never appear again. Although such claims have emerged, nothing is proven that Pirate Bay is implementing measures to surpass alternative torrent sites such as RARBG, 1337X, and others.

The torrent crisis originated from several destroyed sites such as Kickass Torrent and others that stopped operating and there are claims that Pirate Bay has taken over hostility and replaced Extra Torrent, RARBG, 1337X, and Torrent Download replacing the legacy of the previous torrent site.


When Kickass Torrent and others were forced to close, the existence of this site was hampered and torrent users had to find a number of ways to enjoy the file-sharing tool they had enjoyed so far. There were even rumors about the Pirate Bay that had killed all the existing competition, but the idea was completely denied. There are also a number of statements that show that KickassTorrent and others will return sooner than expected, but the statement is indeed more plausible, that in fact the idea is younger said than done.

The existence of legal issues that are scattered, apparently makes the site users decline and increasing competition. Torrent users even turn off torrent sites like Kickastorrent and that actually affects the torrent community. When the latest torrent site arrives, Pirate Bay starts facing competition and new obstacles.

Government Actions Regarding Torrent Sites

The government is clearly able to close Kickas Torrent, RARBG, 1337X, Extra Torrent and others. Precisely, in July 2016 when Polish law enforcement had arrested the alleged founder Artem Vaulin. This arrest apparently caused a stir in various worlds. The United States government follows up on a criminal complaint, Vaulin was charged with money laundering and criminal offenses, and the case is currently still in court.

Meanwhile, the torrent community is still looking for alternative torrent sites. Google has even hit TPB with a new block. Although the UK broadband provider blocked several domains and restricted users from accessing the site, the Pirate Bay download service was somehow blocked. Thanks to this new block, TPB cannot be reached through the Google Chrome browser. Even though they can still access the main page and can still navigate through the search page, they will experience problems after they navigate to the torrent page. There is a warning message stating, “The site in front contains a malicious program”.

How to Unblock a 1337X Site

When a user searches for content from the 1337X site, the user will receive a notification that a search list has been removed from the results due to a DMCA claim. If the user reviews the documentation provided by Google, then the user will also see that one business usually archives the agency rather than the other, Muso.

How to Unblock a 1337X Site

Muso collects traffic data from over 35,000 of the largest torrent sites on the internet. Then, they set it up to be used by an organization, tracking traffic sources and trends to see the effects of their actions.

How to Keep Safe?

User information will be included with this data if the user accesses some content on the 1337X site. And, if the user wants to overcome the geo-lock that is owned, then the virtual private network is the right answer.

By using a virtual private network (VPN), users can increase security, gain access remotely, and pass existing restrictions. In fact, users can use this virtual private network to reduce airline ticket costs, change prices on several e-commerce sites, and stream some Netflix content that is limited by the user’s country.

Proxy And Mirror Sites 1337X

  The site listed below is an option for users who have difficulty in accessing the desired content.

  • 1337x.is
  • X1337X.se
  • 1337x.st
  • X1337X.eu
  • X1337X.ws

There are many options offered, although the first .se extension starts receiving traffic during May 2018. In fact, there is an unofficial domain that users of this site might consider visiting the unofficial domain, with 1337x. one is the best choice. Users can also try 1337xto.to if the user still cannot access it. However, this will be slower than other options, but will still function. And this will be the user’s last option.


The content is for reference purposes only and this website does not promote piracy. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the copyright Act of 1957. We do respect our countries laws.